BDCI is an institutional partnership. Any legal medical institutions (health care providers) who are working with diabetes care are eligible to join BDCI and use the resources of BDCI to support its clinical service.

There is no membership fee to join BDCI. However, member institutions may need to pay for using third-party medical and professional services, such as third-party services for medical image diagnosis.

BDCI also provides services on the following issues:

  1.  investigation services for identifying institution’s resources, limitations, and needs for institutional partnerships for its clinical diabetes care service;
  2. Training services for building up institution’s competence of quality clinical diabetes care;
  3. Training services for establishing an independent third-party service for other medical institutions;
  4. Systemic Quality Control for independent third-party services.
  5. Platform Service. when applicable.

Institutions may need to pay these services either by fixed rate, or by a reasonable proportion of the income of the institution’s medical service through relevant partnership programs, depending on the services and parties that are involved.