Better Diabetes Care International (BDCI) is an institutional partnership program for enhancing the quality and efficiency of diabetes care clinical practice at both institutional and professional levels.

Any medical institution, from a small private clinic for primary diabetes care to a teaching hospital for specialty diabetes care, may all find a reason to have a BDCI partnership for its diabetes care practice.

Our Vision:

Quality and efficiency of clinical diabetes care at institutional level may significantly be empowered by partnership building with other medical institutions with different resources.

Our Mission:

▷ to facilitate medical institution in identify its resources, limitations, and needs for institutional partnerships for its clinical diabetes care service;

▷ to support member institutions by providing opportunities where strong institutional partnership might be created, sustained and nurtured;

▷ to help medical institutions for building up competence of quality clinical diabetes care and independent third-party medical service for serving other medical institutions;

▷ to facilitate the development of intra- and inter-institutes quality control supports for institution’s clinical diabetes care.



Sekwa Institute of Medicine
MedLink clinical documentation system
International Diabetes Federation

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