MedLink workstation, a cloud-based clinical documentation system developed under Joint Clinical Practice International, is employed as the project information management system for the present program. [1]

MedLink should be implemented in the medical institution for each physician’s workstation. This will include a minimal installation/integration of MedLink for the following functions in the medical institution’s existing hospital information system (HIS):

  1. Patient Registration and Archiving System: A minimal installation of the function for patient registration in MedLink is required.
  2. Nurse’s workstation: A minimal installation of the function for patient preparation is required.
  3. Physician’s workstation: A minimal installation of the function for sending fundus photography orders and reviewing DR reading reports is required.
  4. Fundus photographer’s workstation
  5. A DR Reading Module: one of the following:
  • DR Image Reading Module for general diabetes care (essential module)
  • DR Image Reading Module for third-party independent DR reading centers (not required)
  • DR Image Reading Module for eye care (not required)

For those institutions who do not have an existing electronic medical record (EMR) system in use, and for those who need a quality assurance supports for basic clinical documentation, a full installation of MedLink basic clinical documentation system is recommended.  Integration of MedLink with local HIS might be needed for the implementation.

In addition, basic hardware and facilities, such as desktop computers and printers (for physicians, nurses, technicians and administrative staff), and broad-band internet connections (with secured local servers), are required for the installation of MedLink system.